Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

Hidden setting at IE 5.x.

Internet Explorer version 5.x having some setting hidden...,

Your which can change to pass the Regitry Editor.
For that open the Registry Editor and step into the subkey HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\POLICIES\MICROSOFT\INTERNET Explorer\Control Panel.
Table hereunder show Data you Which must fill in along with its boldness.
Your w
hich can change to pass the Regitry Editor.
  • GeneralTab : 1 = hidding tab General, 0 = presenting to return the tab General;
  • SecurityTab : 1 = hidding tab Security, 0 = presenting to return the tab Security;
  • ConnectionsTab : 1 = hidding tab Connections, 0 = presenting to return the tab Connections;
  • ContentTab : 1 = hidding tab Content, 0 = presenting to return the tab Content;
  • ProgramsTab : 1 = hidding tab Program, 0 = presenting to return the tab Program;
  • AdvancedTab : 1 = hidding tab Advanced, 0 = presenting to return the tab Advanced;

Good Luck...
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Deleted cache of browser

Deleted cache of browser ??

if you open website in warnet, peaceful to be more, You require to vanish the cache browser.

For the Netscape of Navigator 4.06
  1. Selecting menu Edit the - Preferences
  2. At shares Category select;choose the Advanced - Cache
  3. Click at Clear Memory Cache & Clear of Disk Cache.
Other Version please look for at menu which is there are Preferences.

For the Internet of Explorer 4
  1. Selecting menu View - Internet Options
  2. At tab General & shares of Temporary Internet Files click the Deletes Files.
For the other version please look at menu which is there are Internet Options.

Good luuckkk....

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Deleting URL History

You do not wish there is others knowing website of any kind of opened ?

Delete the list website which lay in your location bar browser.
When you are used Netscape, from menu Edit to select the Preference. Move to Category Navigator. To deleted the list website, click the button of article of Clear Location Bar

For the Internet Explorer 4.x, click of menu View, choose the Internet Options, at tab General, click at button Clear History.

Hopefully nobody being the wiser, website you which have open, more than anything else for a few in secret matter.

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Open any windows at the same time

Open any windows at the same time ??

Don't let yourself await too old for the loading of picture which you do not need.
To streamline to access the website, You can open any windows at the same time.
But don't too much (for a few computer can cause the hang).
To open the new window : from File menu, select New, and choose Window.
Or use the shortcut Ctrl + N

Good luck

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Jumat, 05 Desember 2008

Un Erase

File deleted.. very fearful word to one people work to use the computer.

How do I ... ??

One of the tips, trics, way to overcome this problem.. We can use Un-Erase aplication.
This aplication is simple and easy.
Follow the existing menu.. so .. I hope you can find the file which have been deleted.

If you require this aplication.. you can get in...

Good Luck

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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Disk Repair

You cannot using computer with properly ??
Becouse your hardisk is damage, bad sector.. and etc ?

We will sulking when cannot using computer with properly.
More than our data is loss.
Arrgghh .. of course .. very.. very angry.
Angry to whom .. ??
Sure.. we must to repair our harddisk.

How to repair our harddisk ??
One of tip or trics, we can use/exploiting disk repair aplication.
This aplication is simple, we earn easily use it.
For get this aplication, you can visit here .. -->

Good luck..
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Rabu, 26 November 2008

Search Function Can Not be Used

Sometimes.. we cannot using Search in windows explorer. Ho Do I ??

One trics for repair this problem ... by :
  1. Run Regedit;
  2. Check direktory : HKEY_CURRENT/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrenrVersion/Policies/Explorer. In this directory will there are 2 file : (Default) and NoDriveTypeAutorun. If there is file beside 2 the file, you have delete that file.
  3. Restart computer

Good luck

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